Walls of

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Discover a dreamlike landscape and 45,000 year old dunes.

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Located in Mungo National Park, the ridged peaks known as the Walls of China are unique, rugged, and spiritual all at the same time. In fact, the park (and its archeological gems) are proof of one of the world’s oldest civilisations.

Eat, Drink

The town of Mildura, located about four hour’s drive from Mungo, offers plenty in the way of eating and drinking options, including a bona fide Working Man’s Club (yep, it’s actually called that). There’s also the Crown Hotel Wentworth and the Gol Gol Hotel for your Wild Turkey needs.

Rest Your
Weary Head

To complete your experience at Mungo National Park, set up for the night at Main Camp with your prepacked Wild Turkey and Cola, or the even more remote Belah Camp on the Mungo Track. Those looking for a bed-with-walls sort of experience can head back to the town of Mildura to find a range of hotel and motel-style accommodation.