Lava Tubes

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Formed around 190,000 years ago, these tube-like caves are well worth the four-hour drive from Cairns.

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The caves were created when volcanic activity sent lava down a dry riverbed in Queensland’s tropical far north. You can book a tour or stroll the volcanic pathways at your own pace to get a sense of the area’s spirituality and timelessness.

Eat, drink,

Tired travellers should head straight to Bungalow Hotel or The Red Beret Hotel upon arriving in Cairns. The Undara Resort also offers a range of food and drink options for those staying in the park. After a full day of adventuring, you’ll want to keep it simple with some easy cans of Wild Turkey and Cola so make sure you pack ahead.

Rest your
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Sleep in a historic railway carriage, pitch your tent or grab one of the ready-made options, park your caravan, or book a hut in the heart of Undara Volcanic National Park.