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Discover sea cows and stromatolites at the westernmost point of Australia.

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Shark Bay is renowned for its marine life and distinct stromatolites (colonies of microbial mats that are thought to be the oldest life forms on earth). The area also offers 4WD tours, swimming, fishing, camping, and so much more.

Eat, drink,

Fondly labelled ‘The Old Pub’, the Shark Bay Hotel is a local institution when it comes to food and drink. If you’re in the Kalbarri area, you can also stop by Kalbarri Motor Hotel for some low-key dining and cold drinks.

Rest your
weary head

To really immerse yourself in the rustic Aussie experience head to Hamelin Outback Station Stay on the shores of Shark Bay, where you can pitch a tent, park your caravan, or sleep in the station’s historic shearers quarters. A more upmarket (albeit equally scenic) night can be had at Dirk Hartog Island Eco Lodge.